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LinkedIn and Freelancers

Who is a freelancer?
Any person who instead of being employed in a company chooses to be self-employed and work with clients independently is called a freelancer. Basically, this is an alternative type of employment in which that person wants to work without enlisting himself/herself under a company or brand. They get work through various sources and perform a variety of tasks.

Why LinkedIn?
Here is where LinkedIn comes into the picture. It is the best digital marketing application or site of today. There are hundreds of companies that are running Ads for employment and recruitment, this gives the perfect opportunity to the freelancers to develop a connection through LinkedIn and get business. In the last 5 years freelancing business in LinkedIn has increased at a staggering rate of 50%. This means that LinkedIn is also taking freelancing business seriously and continuously improving the tools to increase business connections for freelancers.

All a freelancer needs to do is to enlist himself on LinkedIn and fill in the required details and the services he wishes to provide. This way a profile is created, now it is time to market the profile and let other companies who want a service of the existence of this profile. So, this next step can be called creating a presence on the digital platform.   

Prospects for a freelancer
Building a connection: LinkedIn provides an essential tool of chatting with your clients on their server. This way all the queries can be cleared beforehand and both the parties can be sanguine about the business they are going to have.

Efficiency: Over time LinkedIn has proved to be an efficient medium for freelancers. It is not too difficult to make connections and get your clients. If the marketing strategies are chosen wisely then there is ample amount of scope in LinkedIn for freelancers.

Recommendation: This part is always a USP for any business, the moment you get a recommendation you stand out from others and this is exactly the case in LinkedIn. People review your profile and you get ratings. In a way, this works as a recommendation which boosts your profile and your chances of landing a client increases manifold.

These marketing strategies are for freelancers who want to make it big through LinkedIn. Now it is up to you to get to work and start building connections. Hope this is helpful, good luck!


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