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LinkedIn Groups and Marketing

LinkedIn is the only digital platform that has about 450 million users from more than 200 hundred
counties. This is the ultimate solution if you want to start building your business, make connections, and improve your business abilities. This is the place where careers are built, and progress is made.

Marketing groups in LinkedIn

There are several groups in LinkedIn for marketing serving several purposes. There might be
instances where multiple groups are serving a single, and there might be instances where
various groups serve many purposes. Following are some of the most influential groups that
might be useful to you –
 Content marketing B2B – In this type of marketing groups, the brands look for people who
would generate content for them to bridge the gap between people and the brands. In this kind
of group, plenty of resources are involved, and this group contains many skillful marketers who
use their writing flare for better brand projection.

 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Experts – Experts of this group try to maximize the marketing
outcome through SEO content generation. It is a great way to drive traffic to your business.
SEO contents boost about 71% of B2B marketing. Optimization is always necessary with
the changing scenario, and this marketing group does the job effortlessly.

 Digital Marketing – This is the most common marketing group on any digital platform. This type
of marketing is resource-based and requires a specific strategy. With digital marketing, it is
possible to reach out to a greater mass without any restriction. Under Digital Marketing
we can again sub-divide other organs of digital marketing –
 Social Media Marketing
 Mobile Phone Marketing
 Online Advertising
 Email Marketing.
 eMarketing Association Group – This is the Marketing group that works to develop Marketing, as mentioned above. They are arguably the biggest group in LinkedIn, which focuses on
strategic activation of social media marketing, mobile phone marketing, online ads, email
marketing. This is the only marketing group that is open to all.

Pros of Marketing Groups
Marketing groups work in association with your profile to give you the best possible result. These
groups are often interlinked to one profile as per the requirement. All these groups are not
separated from each other, but they are a subsidiary organ of each other. Marketing is all about the
right strategy and the right timing.

These groups cannot work passively; they require active participation. It is with the help of these
groups that brands get their desired exposure. They can customize their digital marketing strategies
anytime with the help of these groups.

Sending personalized emails and messages are not in the hands of the brands they are customized
and posted by these groups working hand-in-hand with the brands for a better projection.
Scrolling down to find the Cons? Well, there isn’t any. Marketing groups are the only groups that don’t have a downside to it. They work only for the better. There is no by-product of these
groups are working simultaneously.


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