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Karma Sutra - Hingori - Book Review

The author, in his early life, was a non-believer. Arthritis got him closer to a spiritual person who helped him with the pain of ten years in minutes. 
The author's life changed post that incident. This book is the culmination of his learning and wisdom, which he has shared. The book is also enriched with illustrations and snippets of anecdotes from the author's own life. He explains in detail what Karma is and how the Karmic code is understood. There are various divisions in the book which make for easy reading.

Karma Defined introduces us to Karma and the types of Karma. It also talks of Guru and the importance of Guru in our lives.  The Business of Karma is another section of the book, where we learn more about Karma. Negative and Positive Karma tells us how to improve our Karma and Balance of Karma Theory boosts the reader's confidence in the same.

This book is quite inspiring and even as worksheets for the reader to work upon. This book is also in continuation with the Hingori Sutras Series.
Pages - 147
Published by - Times Group Books


Unknown said…
I, have been meaning to pen my thoughts on the book Karma Sutra by Hingori ; finally, I take this medium to extend/ pay my gratitude to the author for simplifying such an intense subject so beautifully and still extensively. It’s a wonderful read, not only for those who are striving for spiritual upliftment/ evolvement but also for beginners and for that matter even a common man. As, the name suggests KARMA: the author has kept actions, deeds, intent, thoughts all-inclusive and with complete ease explained in depth but still at grass root so that all who get their hands on the book benefit and get clarity on the subject. Karma sutra, will most definitely raise goose bumps for the reader as it simply addresses actions in all shape and form and by default a reader will introspect his/ her self while reading the book ; and will auto suggest/ auto reflect one's actions. Karma Sutra is a logical explanation of your life balance sheet and hence paves a path going forward.

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