Sunday Musings - CoronaVirus Lockdown

  If we look outside, in the deep horizons of clear skylines, we will see a Nation brought to its knees by a tiny virus, so tiny that it's invisible to our eyes. Next time, we look down upon someone who is poor, or demean someone for lack of his/her education, ostracize someone because of their income, let's remember this moment. 

We might grow haughty for our shiny designations and stature in society. We might stand tall for our bank accounts and share capitals, but we should never disregard those we think beneath us. Who might be younger than us, inexperienced or just less privileged than us. For this day reminds us that we might be a Goliath in many forms, nature still can spring up a David on us. Lesson for us today, in those empty streets and a standstill economy is of Humility.

 To be Humble is important. To never intoxicate ourselves of whatever we achieved is important. And it's important that we realise that nothing small is insignificant or unimportant. 


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