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Pan Asian Food Delivery Noshi opens its Doors in Gurugram

If memory serves me right, the good people at Yum Yum Cha launched a new food home delivery brand Noshi last year. But although we have a YYC outlet here in Gurugram, Noshi's services were limited to South Delhi. The delivery kitchen was being coordinated through the Zamrudpur center.

The good news is that Noshi is now in GuruGram as well. And the delivery brand has come at the right moment. Pan Asian Food is something that I was missing since the lockdown started. And YYC is an all-time favorite for this. Gurugram has seen several high-end Pan Asian brands coming down, especially from South Delhi like Enoki, Asian Haus, etc. Others like Ah So Yum and Auntie Fung's have also impressed the citizens.

Varun Tuli's Yum Yum Cha is already a famous name in Delhi and Gurugram for its Pan Asian Cuisine. Served amidst an Origami-inspired setting, the outlets are often filled in with regulars. The Yum Tree group also has a catering division called Food Inc and Noshi is the food delivery arm.

Noshi brings in the best of what Yum Yum Cha is famous for. Delicious pan Asian Cuisine 👌served exceptionally well, and here, in this case, packed really neat and thoughtful. 

The Menu and Food from #Noshi are quite similar to YYC, including my personal favorite the Chocolate Mud Pot(Albeit for delivery, it's a plastic pot). Its also now called Chocolate Pudding here.

The authenticity of flavors and richness of ingredients remains the same as we are used to in the Chain's Khan Market, Saket, or Cyber City outlets. I ordered recently and loved their Three Pepper Noodles and the range of Dimsums. Like Sushi, they have a vast variety of Dimsums, which literally translates to something for everyone. I would recommend the Crystal Duck Dimsums, for not every kitchen excels in making fresh Dimsums from such meat. They also have this unique concept of hexa boxes for family or friends binges.  Butter Garlic Prawn Dimsums are another of my all time favorites at YYC and Noshi doesn't disappoint thier either. Similarly the food menu is extensive and customizable. Plenty of options to choose (and at times get confused) from. 

Add to that the delight of having famous beverages from YYC delivered in the same glass bottles which we savor dine in. ( Pom Pom is my all-time favorite for the mingle of ginger with pomegranate makes for a robust drink).

The attention to detail is also inherited from YYC. (Like a gel ice pack under the dessert). So is the excellent customer service. The guy who came down to delivery my order all the way from Udyog Vihar was a sweet chap named Amit. He rang me up to confess that he was not acquainted with the geography of my area. I explained to him, and he assured me he wouldn't be late. I was expecting another call to understand directions or a slight delay as he didn't know this side of town. But to my surprise, he was outside my gate within 20 minutes.

Given that a virus might be lurking outside, he came well-groomed and prepared. Over his uniform, he was wearing masks, a net cap to cover his head, and a pair of gloves. These are the small things that make one stand out from the crowd.

PS: The Blueberry Cheesecake is divine. I don't usually find such exceptional offerings for desserts at Asian Food outlets. Mostly it's Darsan or some ice creams. Cheesecakes are more American than Asian in their nature. Yet the brand curates it quite well. I have had Blueberry Cheesecakes at many bakeries in Gurugram, and this would amongst my top 5 recommended places for Cheesecake. 

Tip: Order some extra sauces as per your taste. I love the lemon jaggery sweet chilli sauce but if you like any other, you can order an extra portion too.


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