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Welspun One receives awards for excellence in logistics

Welspun One Logistics Parks, a pan-India integrated fund, industrial asset development, and management company, has been recognised for its innovative and tech-enabled warehousing solutions across the country. Welspun One has been at the forefront of the warehousing and logistics park revolution and has brought pioneering ideas to the sector in a short span of two years.

Welspun One has been awarded ‘Best in class Warehousing Company’ and its Managing Director Anshul Singhal has been conferred with the ‘Best Warehousing Leader in India’ at the 6th Future of Logistics & Supply Chain Awards 2022 held in Mumbai on 20th October.

Additionally, the company has received an award for its flagship warehousing facility in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, as the "Industrial / Warehousing Project of the Year" at the 14th Realty Excellence Awards, West held in Mumbai on October 19, 2022.

For his contributions made to the sector, Mr. Singhal was also awarded "CXO of the Year" at this event. In the real estate sector, this honor has been conferred to a CXO from the warehousing industry for the first time, demonstrating the value the warehousing sector brings to the industry.

Balkrishan Goenka, Chairman, of Welspun Group, said “I am happy to see how quickly the Welspun One team has established itself as one of the major players in the Indian warehousing market, with about 9 million square feet under construction in various phases of development spread across seven parks. These accolades are well deserved and demonstrate Welspun One's exceptional work.”

These awards and recognition underline Welspun One’s role in meeting the growing demand for manufacturing and infrastructure development in India.

Anshul Singhal, Managing Director, of Welspun One Logistics Park, said, “I am incredibly proud that our efforts in our mission of becoming India’s most preferred warehousing company have borne fruit within two years of inception. In driving holistic business excellence and sustained growth, this achievement has, indeed, placed us at the helm of businesses creating a change in the sector. These awards are a testament to our determination to positively shape the future of India by becoming synonymous with ground-breaking warehousing practices and services, and I am extremely happy with the team that has made it possible.”

The Bhiwandi project was also awarded as India's 1st Platinum Pre-certified Green Logistics Park by the esteemed Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), a part of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) in June 2021. It showcased how ESG (environment, social, and governance) values formed the core philosophy of the company.

Welspun One has continued to grow against macro headwinds and strong competition. The company seeks to disrupt the warehousing space and solve the on-location needs of clients with innovative and out-of-the-box ideas for delivering Grade-A, ESG-compliant warehouses for its clients.

Welspun One is also known for creating a milestone in the financial products space, when it launched India’s first warehousing AIF, a category-II fund, in early 2021.

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