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Pot Pot: A delightful Indian food outlet with authentic flavours and unique presentations

Pot Pot, an Indian food outlet, recently added to the Yum Yum Tree Group's dining options. It was initially a delivery-based cloud kitchen but expanded into a full-fledged outlet last year. Pot Pot is known for its exemplary service, a Yum Yum Tree Group hallmark. Located at DLF Commons, part of DLF Avenue, Saket, Pot Pot offers a comfortable dining experience to its patrons.

Food tried at Pot Pot

We recently visited Pot Pot and tried some of their signature dishes. We started with Truffle Malai Chicken Tikka, a unique twist on the classic chicken tikka. This dish was prepared with chicken, cheese truffle, and cream; the flavours were outstanding. The truffle essence and creaminess of the dish gave it a unique taste that delighted our taste buds.

Smoked Potter Chicken

Next up was the Smoked Potter Chicken, their version of the famous butter chicken, which was perfectly smoked. The succulent chicken and the smoky flavour added another dimension to the dish. We also tried the soft and fresh Tandoori Pita, which perfectly complemented the Smoked Potter Chicken.

Amritsari Kulcha

The Amritsari Kulcha was another dish that stood out for us. It was filled with potato filling and was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. 

Besan Seera

We then moved on to the desserts and tried the Warm Besan Seera, a warm, soft, and sweet type of Besan Halwa. The dish had a smooth texture and was not overly sweet, making it the perfect end to a great meal. Lastly, we tried the Baked Rasmalai, a unique twist on the classic Rasmalai. The dish was served hot and had a creamy texture, which melted in our mouths.

Mutton Tikka Lahori Masala

One of the standout dishes of our meal was the Mutton Tikka Lahori Masala, served with excellent Rumali Roti. The masala was spicy and flavorful, and the mutton was perfectly cooked. The Rumali Roti was thin and soft and complemented the dish perfectly.

Unique presentations and personalised brand dishes

Pot Pot's presentation is one of its unique features. Each dish is presented creatively, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. In addition, the personalised brand dishes add to the authenticity of the Indian flavours, making Pot Pot a must-visit restaurant for foodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pot Pot a vegetarian or non-vegetarian restaurant?

Pot Pot is a non-vegetarian restaurant, but it offers a variety of vegetarian options.

Does Pot Pot offer delivery services? 

Yes, Pot Pot offers delivery services through various delivery platforms.

Is Pot Pot a budget-friendly restaurant? 

While Pot Pot's prices are reasonable, it may not be considered a budget-friendly restaurant.

Is it necessary to make a reservation before visiting Pot Pot? 

While making a reservation is unnecessary, it is advisable to do so during peak hours to avoid waiting.

Does Pot Pot offer alcoholic beverages? 

No, Pot Pot does not offer alcoholic beverages.

Is Pot Pot child-friendly? 

Yes, Pot Pot is child-friendly.


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