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Lord of the drinks barrel house Sector 29 Gurgaon

Sector 29 Main Market in Gurgaon is witnessing a flurry of activity with plenty of top notch brands opening shop here.

Recently I went to Lord of the Drinks - Barrel House which has opened up shutters at the same building where Fork You Too ran shop. The first thing you notice when you enter is how huge and spacious this place is. The interiors have this wide and grand vibe to it. I simply loved how they have used skull designs in decor and crockery. The plates in their bright colors look so good and pleasant amidst a warm decor. 

This place is a great place for you if you like your drinks. They have two levels and a bar in both of them. A huge bar with a wide range of liquor options including a micro brewery which I think will start very soon. 

In terms of service, the eatery has a huge staff even going by the space they have, it seems they have been generous enough to hire so many bartenders and service staff. This ensures that the service is quick and prompt and someone is always around to refill your glass.


Going by the name of the place, you can already guess that this going to be the place get your favorite drink. They have an extensive range of custom cocktails, loads of variety of wine and traditional drinks. I tried the Sangria in its various forms and would definitely recommend it to all. 

The competition is really heating up at Sector 29. Just opposite LOD is the My Bar and next door neighbor is going to be the Ministry of Beer.  I recently visited Agent Jack's and it was doing a brisk business too. LOD has the advantage of the strong brand presence in Delhi NCR with regular patrons across the region. A friend who has been to almost all their centers, informed me that the HKV (LOD meadows) is amongst the best of the lot and is quite busy always.

The Food

The food here is pretty good especially if you are looking for the standard Indian or Italian fare. The traditional Indian tikkas and fried stuff come fresh and well prepared.

I tried the fish fry and the chicken tikkas and they were yum. The chicken pastas were prepared to perfection. The butter chicken slider was okayish, not as good as the rest of the menu. The Nachos were excellent companions to my whiskey.

People around me were enjoying pizzas which looked appetizing though I didn't taste it, but the pizzas looked fantastic as well. (I had my focus squarely on the upcoming desserts, which were awesome).

In desserts, I had the chocolate brownie and Chocolate Terrine both of them lush with chocolate and divine pleasure.

Must Try - The Pasta and the Nachos

Nearest Metro Station - Huda City Centre,
Nearest landmark - Bikanerwala is an old institution at Sector 29 Market. LOD is right next to it. 

Lord of the Drinks Barrel House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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