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Legalize Prostitution

Tuesday, March 27, 2007, 9:40 PM

Today...I to present my views...regarding...prostitution...considered as a menace...

the main cause of the spread of HIV virus...also blamed for spread of drug menace...increase of crime

,,, vryoneBut my point is.everyonedon't we legalise...prostitution...

A very simple fact is...u cant finish of sex trade...completely...this industry..ya the scale of its operations signifies a industry...has thrived since the times when India was under monarchy rule...and this is here to stay ... because the people who rule...the politicians...the bureaucrats...industrialists...the powerful people...they are the chief clients...and that's a common knowledge...secondly...u cant always keep up a check on whether 2 people having sex are having it for money or for sum other reason...

A better idea is...legalise prostitution...

One...the problem of spreading HIV virus can be contained...How??simple...get all sex workers registered...once its legal...then educate them, about this virus...precaution measures etc

...Seceveryoneknows that this industry is large....probably in 1000 crores...scale....legalising

would mean taxing it,,,,means a lot of revenue for the govt...which can be used for lot of development projects,,,

The most important point....many girls are this trade,,,t he pimps make most of the money...and these girls cant even get proper justice...because they are often blackmailed

Better idea...legalise it...eradicate pimp culture...give justice to exploited prostitutes,,,

if they want...a good position in society...which may give them better opportunities to earn

...possibly a change of job...

With increase in tourism...a lot jobs can be created...both for males and female prostitutes

which in turn would help in boosting tourism...

Also...govt having registered them all...can keep a check on all other illegal activities too

which is linked with this trade...especially underage sex workers...

So...that's my case...why should prostitution to be legalised...this is going to thrive

u cant stop it,,, daily u see ads of escorts...masseurs,,,friends clubs,,,u c Internet flooded with offers for sex...we cant stop it...then why don't we legalize it...and remove the bad effects out of it,,,

Especially the exploited,,,blackmailed women,,,

Do write in your comments.


3 comments: Anonymous said...

well i was quite surprised when i read the heading.. after reading ur views i guess.. the gov. cud actually get on to consider such issues too..its cool if ppl actually begin to think abt it dis ways ..considering there is is much more awareness among ppl nowadayz .. the main draw back for it being legalised is that our society neither respects this particular profession..nor will in future i guess due to our culture n all. thus it may jst hamper the lives of those earning frm this business

Thursday, March 29, 2007 12:49:00 AM rachna said...

thats a very sensitive topic ...but i wud really say that ur views are well placed and nicely strtegized...only if the government wake up to this ...coz if our countries developing fast so is the virus growin faster can also eventually kill all the development and not only the AIDS topic but even for a humane cause it shud be done ... really a gr8 article.

Thursday, March 29, 2007 10:24:00 PM CONTRADICTIONS said...

hey that made a thoughtful read indeed..
ya defitely make sense apparently,the feasibility of it though i cant buy unless the 'modus operandi' is known..
i say this cz its still a tabboo term here in our country..
nevertheless really well drafted n good to see people coming out and talking about it,cz thats the only way we can come to an eradication problem,even if it means legalising it..!!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007 11:08:00 PM


Jai Sri Ram!!!




Your intentions are very good but your suggestions may bring very different results from what you want.

Sexworkers and human rights activists have been demanding for the decriminalization of sexwork in India.

Legalization, i.e. licencing (most parts of the world licenses are issued by the Police) doesn't help sexworkers. Police get enormous powers and in a country like India where corruption is high among Police, this will help in police harassing and abusing sexworkers. Some sexworkers do not want to get licences, who will face many problems if a system of licensing is in place. Compulsary health check-ups never helped in combatng HIV-AIDS. Protecting human rights of sexworkers definitely helps sexworkers in comabting HIV-AIDS.

Most sexworkers rights organisations are demanding for decriminalization of sexwork through Immoral Traffick (Prevention) Act or ITPA.

Elavarthi Manohar
Advisor Karnataka Sexworkers Union
Tushar Mangl said…
Well,i admit, your points are quite valid.But by legalizing i meant, including these people well into our judicial system.They get more rights, and legal support.I think, many just cant simply approach courts because of unfriendly system against them.

Thanks for commenting!!!
And enlightening us on this angle of the issue
If I can help somehow, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you

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