The Count of Monte Cristo

Genre: Adventure
Age Factor: 16 and above
This one is considered to be a classic by Alexandre Dumas. I tried some books which are considered to be classics and never liked anyone. Some was just horrible to complete or too boring. But, I should say this one is really interesting. Good story and narration. You won't regret after reading it.

Although lot of french names and characters appears all of a sudden, the way the story goes is interesting. After reading it, you'll be in a confusion whether to go with the main character or not!!


Tshhar Mangal said…
In A poll on this blog till now this book has bagged 4 out of 22 votes.

ANd ya Welcome to the blog :-)

I think about classics on similar terms and you.
BTW i heard there is movie based on this book.Is it good?You saw it?
Aneesh said…
Thanks :)
No, I didn't see the movie and normally movies won't be that good when compared to book.

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