The Indian Taliban

The nomads searched for source of water. So, they settled down near a river – a natural source of sweet water. People started taming the wild and growing crops tearing apart the torso of the Mother Earth. Then they invented fire, wheel, axes and knives and walking on the same streets, man invented the computer and sent satellites to their orbits. All these things have taken a long time. Man became civilized in the meanwhile. Civilization brought many more things into our lives which we never thought of while being nomads hunting only for food and living. Prostitution and religion being such things that came into existence once we had sufficient food in our stomach. And once we had enough to eat ourselves and help our families with it, people became greedy and took to crime!

If you just read all these in one go, you would realize that the evolution has been like this. Religion has always been an engagement – a thing of attachment. I’m a prolific blogger myself. I’m saying so because I spend a lot of time in a day working on blogs – reading, writing and commenting on others’ blogs. So, this engagement can be named religion for me. This is the way it should have been – and it is. Then, civilized people came up with different thoughts and gave birth to different religions. Every religion talks about a way of living a life. That’s all about it. Anything apart from this is either politics for personal benefits or it is mere greed and jealousy.

Well, religion has been the mainstay of any civilization. This is said only to justify the presence of a religion. We do not live for a religion – but we follow a religion so that we can live a better life. Ignorance is the demon of this age. In older days, saints and sages with universes of knowledge used to be the spiritual leaders and preachers of religions. Illiterate, ignorant people who have no other job left in life have taken over from them and have given religion a peculiar immoral look and all what they are doing here on the name of religion is only for their personal benefit. And another bunch of immoral fools who do not have spines of their own think themselves to be greatest followers of the crooked ones and start doing all kind of antisocial works. The culprits are no more than a handful, but the sad spiritless people comprise the mass of these sects all around the world.

Be it Taliban, Sri Ram Sena or Shiv Sena, they are being abused, misguided and maltreated by a handful of greedy outlaws, which should be eradicated just immediately. But, it does not seem to happen soon. The dubious governments still lick their feet. How sad! It was bad news today when Pakistani government surrendered to the scoundrels in the Siwan district – the Talibans! And the speech given by Karnataka’s CM about religion (and Sri Ram Sena) and the youths in India was even more eventful – ridiculous, to the point I could understand. It was clear submission to criminals and crime. How long will this continue? When will we kill the serpent in our sleeves or will we continue to feed it with milk?

I am writing this with a heavy heart. After knowing the Talibani rules and laws that has been imparted in Siwan anyone who is not insane would cry out aloud! Have you seen the news about the happenings in different part of India during Valentine’s Day? Even the saviors (the police) acted like fanatics. Where would we go? Where would a common man go? Whom do we think of when we are in trouble? The police? No, as the police are the troublemakers themselves. A few months ago, I was asking here, where we should go when we are being bombarded every time we go out of our homes. Now, it’s the same thing. Only difference is that earlier we were under threat from outsiders and now, we are being threatened by our own people. Who else we need to flee from? Where to hide to live a normal, sensuous life? There is not a place left – there ought to be one!

My question: Religion should set us free and lead us towards Moksha. If religion is this bad, that we need to hide from it, and we are being punished, then why should we follow it? Why should be a religion for that matter?

How long will we continue molesting and killing each other in the name of God? God teaches us, but to kill.

Written on February 17, 2009: 2:30 AM. Cross posted at: Thus Spake Tan!

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