Ever heard or read Anita Broker’s (women writer's talk: 1989 fame) view on love? She says

"real love is a pilgrimage. it happens when there is no strategy, but it is very rare because most people are strategists''

And that is what happens today.right? Can you think of marrying a guy who is not well-settled? Or is not from a good family? Or who at least doesn’t look average? For guys out about getting married to a girl who makes sow dung cakes in the name of chapatis? Who looks as if she has just returned from a date with a hurricane? Or whom we see opening her mouth only to hear “myself anu ji...I do house wife?":-)
Many of us who are either students or who work in offices date guys or girls around us, a colleague, a classmate, a senior. boss, friend's friend, friend’s brother or sister etc.but few of us real take that dating seriously have many friends who are in a relationship. But very few of them talk about marriage. They say...We are not sure. Yet they date. Why??I asked a friend of mine...a guy...he sighed and said...”I date because I like her...she is presentable...and witty and fun too. “Then why not marry her?"Because I don’t know how she would turn out as a woman. You know it’s all situational. If at the time I am about to marry I find her perfect for it...I would proceed.otherwise, we both understand."I was shell-shocked!!I took love the other way round. As a sentimental, closely-knit bond where you accepted all goods and all the bad in your partner.i thought (like many of us still do) that love was anterior to life, posterior to death, initial of creation and exponent of breath. But is it really so today find it more of an arrangement. A deal. Emotions subtracted.
- Ankeita Bharadraj.


Netika Lumb said…
Hey.this is a very nice post.. I totally know what you're saying.. Having thought on similar lines in the past, I so know what you're saying.
Thankfully, all my friends are in serious relationships and have plans to get married.
I just hope I don't get into a situation where my guy tells people, that well, if she fits the "bill", I'll marry her; depending on what choices I have in hand. Duh!(no offence meant)

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