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Hypocrisy; Why succumb to it?

Hypocrisy; Why succumb to it?

‘’I shall be telling this with a sighSomewhere ages and ages hence:Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference.’’ – an excerpt from ‘’The Road not taken’’, By Robert frost.

Don’t you sometimes, see yourself as the cynosure of every eye around you? That too, for all the wrong reasons?

I know I do. Somehow, Every time, getting caught in the crossfire is my thing. Almost as though, in this world, they all just find, one person to pick on, and continue to do so.
Particularly fine.
You’re abuse and blamed, if you don’t follow the worldly norms. How foolish is that?
Many a times, I’ve come across people, who do things for others, instead of actually wearing their own skin, and this angers me, more than global warming.
Anyhow, lately, I’ve been going through funny experiences, in which, I see, hear, Breathe hypocrisy. The Best part here is that I have no problems in accepting that I am a hypocrite, but my question here is; when do we know where to pull the line?
Agreed, hypocrisy is sometimes necessary, and well, everyone is a hypocrite, somewhere deep down inside, but hypocrisy as a lifestyle? I personally don’t think that it’s particularly fine. Yes, we do need a balance in life, we do need to mince our words, in order to not hurt people, and this can be done, thanks to hypocrisy. Tomorrow, if say your boss or teacher asks you, how they’re looking, you blatantly cannot tell them, how they actually look, you simply cannot say ‘’Yes sir/ma’am, that shirt is not nice.’’
Because well, your future indirectly depends on them, and if not even for that reason, you maybe don’t want to unnecessarily hurt them. It’s not done.
Yet, it really hurts, when say male teachers think only guys can play football, after which they claim to believe that men and women are equal. When, fellow classmates are sweet to you on the face, and start bitching about you, the very next minute. That too, behind your back. Such instances force you to think, ‘’am I wrong?’’
In the bargain, one may succumb to the pressure, and change themselves, in and out, forgetting their own being, forgetting how good they probably are. This is dismaying. The ones who don’t succumb, to ‘’over-the-top’’ hypocrisy, are the so-called, ‘’outcasts’’
Believe it or not, personally, I feel proud to be one, to have preserved my own being, my own personality. Such people who stand up for themselves, are always the cynosure of every eye around, isn’t it?
So the next time, you feel low, thanks to the all time hypocrites, just remember,
You’re you; you’re beautiful no matter what they say!

- Shreya Bajpai.


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