Mocha Parfai

(A lovely coffee dessert to top up with)
Serves: Four
Time required: 25 minutes
6 eggs yolks
225g sugar
25g coffee powder
150 ml double cream
2tbsp brandy
1 sheet decorative almond sponge (optional)
350 ml whipped cream
4 cigarellos for garnishing (optional)
For the caramel sauce:
100g sugar
2tbsp water
50g butter
BEAT the eggs yolks with sugar until light and fluffy. Brew the coffee with 150 ml of boiling water, cool and add the egg yolk mixture along with the double cream. Cook the mixture in a in double boiler until thick. Remove and cool, stirring continuously.
Stir in the brandy and place the pan over ice water, stirring continuously until thick. Slice the almond decorative sponge and line the individual moulds in which the custard is to be set. Fold the whipped cream into the mixture and pour into moulds. Refrigerate for about two hours or until set. De-mould and serve chilled with the caramel sauce. Place a cigarillo on top.
To prepare the caramel sauce:
Melt the sugar in a pan and caramelize. Add water and butter to the caramel and cook in a boiler until well blended.


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