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All Hail, Common wealth games

I am bit agitated. This is the time of the year, when father makes you help him in filing several forms of taxes.

And then you switch on your TV set, only to watch, why we the humble Indians should always indulge in the tedious process of tax paying.

Every news channel, worth its salt is covering different aspect of corruption in the common wealth games, 2010 to be held in Delhi. The usual intense competition amongst news channel is being helped by the Delhi Government and the organizing committee of the CWG. Hence, everyone is conducting their own investigations and everyone is stumbling upon a new truth.

Headlines Today - Told its viewers, rather showed them about the pathetic conditions of the Stadiums on which crores and crores have been spent.

NDTV - They are mostly focusing on medical equipment supply, I think. Something, which you could easily get in 30,000 rupees, is being bought by the govt for say, 1 lakh rupees. That too from suspicious looking firms. No prizes are being handed out, as to why all this is happening. The Delhi citizens are rich and happy with Sheila Dikshit and her government and also on paying taxes. And I don't even wonder, Why?

Times Now - These people were happy, earlier with the leaked report of Central Vigilance Committee, which had clearly pointed out on several cases of corruption and shoddy works being done. But now they have branched out to United Kingdom, where the government departments are probing into funds transferred from India (the CWG people of India) to Accounts in the United Kingdom. We are talking of millions of pounds here.

No, exact figure is available, but around 30,000 crore rupees and more has already been pumped in, for the CWG. When former Sports Minister, and an ex - IFS officer, Mani Shankar Aiyar tried to say anything against CWG, a lot of hue and cry was raised. He drew criticism from all over, including the media, who forced him to seal his mouth.

For, everyone is saying that CWG,2010 is the Pride of India. We should be proud and thumping our chest with pride.

But I am not interested in sports. I confess, I am the bad guy here. I say, India is not mature enough a country to organize such games.
And I am tensed, for now they want Asian Games and Olympics in India too.

God save my pocket please. For my countrymen have betrayed me. YET AGAIN.


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