The New President

Allow those men to strip minors on the street. Let them shoot their plight. Don't say anything to the teachers who make their students drink urine. Legalize them to loot the wealth of the country of poor.
He did the same. He witnessed with mute, atrocities of the Emergency. He did nothing for the wealth of his nation. He was spineless in the development of his own land. And today, Pranab Mukherjee, has been chosen by the billion plus population of India to be its first citizen for the same reason. Either be a sycophant or shut the hell up, close your eyes and concentrate on paying taxes on time.

Yes pay the taxes on time, for as the new President takes oath of office, the entire nation too would be observing an oath. To protect, feed and keep comfortable terrorists like Afzal and Kasab in our jail cells. We shall pay as much taxes as needed for prisons as many of our beloved, nation's beloved have to spend some time their these days too. We will never ever hang such men to death for their comfort is now India's responsibility.


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