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Sunday Musings

I have been working on The Crumpled Innocence for a long time now. Its been in the cold storage for a while now. It was a spark of an idea but could never reach its true potential. But now I have restarted work on it and release date has been finalized as 15 July, 2016. Let's hope it goes well.

Writing has always been an integral part of my adult life. But will it always remain so? At some level I hope I will move away from writing as it takes up too many of my emotions.
Another thing that has always been with me is my reading. It still is my most favourite pass time and I wish and pray it remain so. But now I have added yet another hobby. At least am trying to build it up as a hobby. That is walking and exercising. I like walking. But always felt lazy to take it up. Also my health issues have always been a hindrance in taking up any sports. But look at the kind of lifestyle we lead. Too much unhealthy (yet tasty) food, sedentary lifestyle excessive pollution is all negating our health in a big way. Add to that a desire to indulge in an active hobby. So I trying to maintain a routine of long walks and lifting weights. Last month I borrowed a pair of dumb bells from bro and its working like a charm. Its a little tedious but more I work out, better I feel. Let's see how that turns out to be.

On the reading front I am almost done with the Perry Mason series and seriously feel Erle Stanley Gardner was one hell of a writer. 


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I think, it was Tan's post on this blog itself, Republic Day Event, where this question was raised. My answer. YES. we need communal parties even in Independent, Secular India. Now let me take you, back to events before 1947. When India was a colony of the British Empire. The congress party, in its attempt to gain momentum for the independence movement, heavily used Hinduism, an example of which is the famous Ganesh Utsav held in Mumbai every year. Who complains? No one. But at that time, due to various policies of the congress, Muslims started feeling alienated. Jinnah, in these times, got stubborn over the need of Pakistan and he did find a lot of supporters. Congress, up till late 1940's never got bothered by it. And why should we? Who complains? No one. But there were repercussions. The way people were butchered and slaughtered during that brief time when India got partitioned, was even worse than a civil war scenario. All in the name of religion. And there indeed