Much Needed Cabinet Reshuffle

Finally the Prime Minister has shuffled his cabinet. He kept most of his council of ministers intact, just making minor changes here and there. Key takeaways -

Former Karnataka CM Sadananda Gowda is moving down steadily in political circles. From Railways to Law and now to an obscure ministry his stars are not shining.

PM Modi seems to have realized the need to induct more powerful females in his council of ministers. Hence two of them have been brought in, blunting the power of other formidable women leaders.

Bihar still has the maximum representation in the PM's cabinet even though the people of the state have moved towards the RJD, Congress and JDU combine.

The biggest gain has been for the law ministry with two senior Supreme Court lawyers taking charge of it. Talk about expertise there.

Another big gainer is the environment ministry which has now got a known environmentalist to reign it in.

The government now has two very well qualified doctors on board, none of them however  is associated with a ministry related to health or medical purpose.

All in all a reshuffle more in tune to the politics of the day than the actual needs of governance.


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