I would say no to 33% to ladies

    1. MP, MLA, Minister, Chief Minister and Prime minister are the supreme posts of the democratic India that directly influence the well being of the people. Even a small mistake by them may make the people to suffer for generations.
    2. At the moment, majority of ladies are not exposed independently to face the real world. They are dependent and shielded. This makes their general personality poor and their knowledge limited.
    3. Now tell me, do you think it is worth taking a risk of exposing ladies with substandard qualities directly to supreme posts. Don’t you think they are most prone to make wrong decisions because of lack of exposure? And as I said early you know how much these wrong decision may affect people.
    4. This world belongs to every living creature. No one can be neglected. Ladies should actively take part in politics. No doubt about it.
    5. But to do that, we need to create good environment for them to accumulate the qualities required to acquire the top position in politics. If you want to make a man win the running race, we need to give good food to make him strong and good practice to sharpen his skills. Instead we cant just place him 20 meters ahead of others or ask others to run slowly.
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