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Blank Noise

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Voyaging through the blogosphere-29

Blank Noise is a very great and commendable effort by a group of people,to check eve-teasing,molestation and spread awareness to put a stop to this shameful menace which has its roots deep and wide in India.As someone who has written on such topics before,I found this blog overdosed with truth,and harsh realities.Lets check some details about this blog.
Blog Title - Blank Noise
Blog URL -
Blog Author - jasmeen,hemangini and others
Genre - Social
Created - 2003
As i wrote above,this effort by a group of volunteers from various cities across India ,is great,they have highlighted the harsh truth,from which we always tend to escape.It also sets an example of a courageous effort,which will inspire many,i am sure.Also,activities like,I never ask for it,also tell us that they haven't just restricted themselves to writing and shouting on the blogs or Internet,they believe in action,and they have the guts.But the whole effort is dampened by the technical faults and delays in the blog.It sometimes take too much time to open,navigating through the pages and archives is a difficult task.Many links are defunct and don't exist or work anymore.Still,i managed to pick up 3 important posts that one can see to have an idea what all blank noise does.
1.Blank Noise Delhi.March 8.I never ask for it [A must read,i would say]
2.Image word meaning revision/things i am not
3.Excuse me?Are you calling me?
This Blog may few technical glitches,it is a good one.I would recommend it to everyone,it is for all the citizens of the planet earth,and of all ages.For,girls,whether experienced this menace or not,i think they all should participate in this movement.And for the guys,its time to clear up your acts and help the other sex,to make this world a better place to live in.Having said this,I would like to clarify that i have no direct interest in this blog,its just that i share similar views,i recommend it.
To mark the 30th post of this very interesting journey we would look at my friend Aashi's

Till then,happy Blogging,
Happy holi
Happy good friday
Happy parsi new year


sapna said…
Awesome. i like your idea.
Happy Holi!!
send holi gifts to india

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