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Knock Knock!!

Well Tushar has knocked Me down...So here i am....

"Writing guides, grammar books, punctuation how-tos . . . do you read them? Not read them? How many writing books, grammar books, dictionaries–if any–do you have in your library?"

Frst Wanna Kick em down...kya question hai yaar :(

lolzzz well guides grammar books,punctuations how-tos reminds Me of My School dayz....Dats wer u have no choice but 2 read dem....but i used 2 love guides coz dey give u ready made answers 4 assignments so dat it saves me time 2 sleep rather dan findin buggin answers :P

Fav Guide Was My High School French Guide..Coz if 4 itz absence i would hav xeroxed d question paper in My answer sheet...:P

So Jabse school khatam Hua toh Taadao BByee Never c ya 2 all dose writin guides,grammar books nd punctuation how-tos:)

My Question goes 2 Pankhuri...

"If In Case Tushar raheja d author of Anythn 4 yu Ma'am asks u 4 a Date....wer Will u take him 2 :D"

P:S - Plz Get Him 2 My PLacee naaaa :P


Tshhar Mangal said…
sorry alvia
too many people were buzzing me down on the chatroom
Couldnt think of a better ques :)

BTw nice answer and a good question.

Keep up the spirit of this game rocking :-)

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