We Judge and how..

Wednesday,June04,2008.1.55 Pm

8 things or people you Judge....Its like tags are raining here.But They help me sharpen my brains,so i gotta do it.
1. I judge people who loath reading
2. I Judge people who have no ethics
3. I Judge people,who don't care for other human beings
4. I judge money minded people
5. I judge those who don't respect their elders.
6. I judge those who have immersed themselves in other cultures so much, that they have blinded themselves to their own culture.
7. I Judge hypocrites
8. I judge those who have so many onions and fake talks,but in actual they wont do anything,just sit back,and enjoy the destruction of the society.

Whoaa!!! I am a judgmental person!!!! lolz!!!!!
Others who should sit back and reflect on thier judgemental system, are


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