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The OLympic Medal And all that hypocrisy

۩ सर्व शकितमते परमात्मने श्री रामाय नमः۩
The Most boring thing happening these days is the olympic medal victory.
Sheer shameless Hypocrisy
* The most disgusting thing is presence of actor boxers in newsrooms, to tell you where who made the mistake and what really happened.
* People are dancing up and down that a wrestler won a bronze medal.Do they know that he had won a silver medal in the 2006 commonwealth games?Had these very same people and news people rejoiced in a similar fashion when this very man had won an Arjuna Award.

* Look at the facilities these people have grown up on.The government now so jubilant should hang their head in shame.
* The media, especially the hindi channels have shown another low they can achieve.A boxer,Akhil lost the bronze medal, and they are discussing and criticizing why he lost that match.
I am not a boxing fan, still i feel satisfied that someone had the guts,the spirit to wish a gold medal for himself and his country.If he lost, i don't want to hear a post motem of his performance.
* Abhinav Bindra again,the same case like the wrestler, is a known name in the shooting sport.
He has a long list of medals and achievements.Still it was only after a Gold medal in Olympics he is now a national hero, as the media reports it. Shame on us.
*How many people were actually anxious to see the boxing match, the wrestling match or even know anything about the shooting event?
* In cricket we are not doing well,at the same time when we are experiencing one of the best olympics performances.What a co-incidence.
I agree there are general rules such as survival of the fittest, and appreciation after only you have done something great.But here our nationalism is at stake i feel.
A sports person rightly said the other day."Its only once in 4 years when the country remembers us" This is a bitter truth and i don't see any reason to be excited that after around 100 years , one person in a population of billion plus, won a gold medal, in a sporting event many of us aren't even aware of.
Jai Shri Ram!!!


Solitary.sailor said…
you know what may be what you have written is a bitter truth but you cant take away all the joy and sense of feeling all indians had when abhinav bindra won the gold....true not many would have known and watched him or suhil kumar performance but for that you cant blame them bcoz the senerio in india is like that only....we indians only know one sport and that is cricket because from the childhood we have been playing cricket only.....
and well about these news channel...dude you should know by know that they can reach to extreme lowest possible shameless level to increase there trps which they reached during arushi murder case and they are doing the same now with olympics boxers......
Si_Lee said…
@ solitary sailor
I once came up with a topic for debate in my univ. I think it summarises what tushhar tried to convey ..
Indians: awakened or ephemerally instigated fools ?

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