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Helloz everyone. Welcome to Sashaland. Also at times called the Shashaland. No, we don't sell all those sashes worn by sexc babes at beauty contests. We are, well an agrarian community and we grow it all from rice to mice. What did you say?
Who am I?
Well, I am King Shasha, who rules this place in a dictorial manner. No, No, I don't gas up people like Hitler, nor do I have an army of bodyguards like most of the rulers of today's peaceful lands have. People of my land love me and women folk adore me. *Blushing*

Now, you must be wondering, why am I writing this or more importantly what the hell am I doing here. You see, I am a king, which literally means that I have to enjoy luxuries of life, fight wars and keep women. But that was a very medieval definition. Now, no war has to be fought, for Americans have monopolized that job. Women, well that is my little secret. And luxury; with so many thieves and con men around display of wealth is strongly inadvisable.

So what should I do? My Junta does not allow me to do anything as such so here I am wanting to enjoy blog world, facebook or whatever you people have on internet.

Internet is new for my country and am the sole user here. I mean why do we need internet? Social networking best happens when you have a melas every month. You cannot come out of a mela before greeting one whole village full of people.
Sorry people, have to go. It's supper time. See you all soon.


tamanna said…
wow wow wow wow WOW:D
"Your Higness",,, we'll be waiting to hear from you, whenever you get the opportunity to oblige us with your presence, taking some time out from that reserved for your junta, and women:p
sj said…
nice story...:)
looking forward for more....:)
Tushar Mangl said…
Thank you
Tamanna and Thank You Sj

- King Shasha
..pAnKHuRi.. said…
interesting name...
interesting place....
interesting talkies....

And what the hell am I doing here?

I am the princess of Edinburg! :)

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