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Saffola Aura- The new Super Oil in Town

Health is a not just a trending topic but an introspective call for so many of us. Easily tired and exhausted due to toxicity and lifestyle issues, we need to introspect about health. I recently had the opportunity to discuss this on the occasion of the launch of Acitve8me Fitness.

Recently I attended the launch of the new Super Oil - Saffola Aura,  at an event at Smoke House Deli with celebrity chef Kunal Kapur and celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija. A never seen before creation, Saffola Aura is a unique Oil that blends two trending super foods - Olive Oil and Flaxseed oil - for the first time ever. Now, this one Oil gives you the benefits of both Omega-3 and powerful anti-oxidants that help renew your body cells every day.

At the event,  chef Kunal and nutritionist Pooja chatted with bloggers who had congregated from across India, about how Saffola Aura is the perfect wellness choice for today’s lifestyle. Whether you are preparing a wholesome salad or a bowl of yummy pasta, you can detoxify and renew yourself with every meal.Chef Kunal also showed his exemplary culinary skills by using Saffola Aura in mango pickle. It is a unique thing and it tasted superb, and I couldn't even find the taste of mustard oil missing. 

Speaking at the event, celebrity chef Kunal Kapur said, “The new Super Oil, Saffola Aura, is a welcome addition to all our kitchens. It is a first-of-its-kind blend of two super foods that will renew your body cells every time you eat a meal.”

Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija added, “With the amount of external stress we face in our modern, fast-paced lives, it is important to renew ourselves from within. This new Saffola Aura does just that with its omega 3 and antioxidant properties. It is indeed a Super Oil for a Super You!”

The event also saw a cook-off challenge between the bloggers, where we had to showcase their talent using the new Super Oil. I was in the team no. 8 which sadly didn't win. Even though Jai and Ekta really did an awesome job. All through the event, the serving staff of the Deli kept bringing awesome food and mocktails. Fish, chicken, mushroom, added to the gaiety of the event.

Finally, the evening ended with we all packing off home, discussing the usefulness of this new age cooking oil and its application in our daily life.


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