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Boundless by Natasha Malpani Oswal

Book no. 17 A thought provoking book, with short poems that strike a chord.  The Boundless by Natasha Malpani Oswal is a poetry book  which has been published by the Write Place it's priced at at 249 rupees.
You see some extremely helpful reviews by noted personalities like Amitabh Bachchan adi Godrej Usha tha Road shayari chahal punita Sinha n chandrasekaran Rajkumar Hirani and Kunal Shah on the the back cover.
The book is 68 pages think it's a hard cover what I really liked about the book was the other poems are very brief yet very important full they give you a sense of of death death depth.
The points having a further segregated 825 broad category five categories falling recovery belonging escape and discovery.
I personally really enjoyed reading a particular poem called the immigrant it was so relatable demand in touch with the reader also liked the second last of the third last poem which was the right does green don't we already has been.
A good book I am sure they are going to be many more from the same month really enjoyed reading it
Edition - Hardcover
Genre - Poetry
Pages -68
Author - @natashamalpanioswal
Publisher - @thewriteplace
Illustration - @vincenttheartist


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